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January 21st – February 19th


Element: Air... is an air sign... associated with intellect, ideals and impartiality.

Mode: is a fixed sign which points to the element being at its most rigid form.

Planetary ruler... Saturn the planet of discipline and Uranus the rebel.

the Water Bearer has a glyph that represents air waves, rather than water waves.

is the free spirit who feels things deeply, but doesn't always understand those feelings.

Socially confident, though can be outwardly unemotional, this sign seeks a settled relationship. But independence is important too and this can cause conflict as you don't want to be 'tied down'. Having people 'on tap' as and when required may not suit the other half of the partnership.

People born under this sign may stay in a relationship however bad it might appear to the outside world, only to leave suddenly when least expected. Ruled by two very different planets is full of contradictions.

Your loyalty, sense of commitment and steadfastness makes you an ideal friend and these same qualities may see you actively involved in humanitarian or ecological causes. Romance for you frequently springs from long-standing friendship.

The sign of intellect and the deep thinker, intelligent conversation is important to you, but so are your fantasies. You don't want to be bound by convention and hate to be bored, which can lead to an exciting sex life.