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Cancer June 22nd – July 23rd


Element: Cancer is an water sign... to do with instincts and feelings; a sign that likes to 'go with the flow'.

Mode: Cancer is a cardinal sign showing the element at its most concentrated form, suggesting drive and energy.

Planetary ruler... The Moon, the mother, the ruler of tides, needs and responses.

Cancer is a home-maker and you go to great lengths to preserve and protect your comfort zone.

Though outwardly assured you can be hiding insecurities.

At worst you can be possessive or needy, but at best you are loving, nurturing and caring.

You may be guilty of internalising your anger, which can cause you to snipe or erupt when the pressure valve finally gives way. Beware the inner angst, which can also lead to ulcers and other stress-related illnesses.

You are sensitive and easily hurt and shy away from confrontation. Your career is very important to you, though you are cautious and evasive and sometimes take a sideways approach to reach your goal rather than attacking it head on. This may take a little longer, but you get there in the end. Your determination and staying power are your greatest assets.

Like the moon your moods wax and wane. You like routine and don't like to have that routine disrupted, particularly at short notice.

One of the zodiacs true romantics you are caring and thoughtful and a real homemaker. You are actively looking for marriage and commitment. Rather than live with someone you want to formalise the relationship and buy a home to build your nest in.