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Gemini May 20th - June 20th

xandra king's gemini

Element: Air... Gemini is an air sign… light and airy, quick, clever and elusive.

Mode: Gemini is a mutable sign, showing the element in its most flexible and fluid form.

Planetary ruler... Mercury, the planet of mischief, intellect and communication.

Two faces of the same coin, Gemini has the ability to change on a sixpence. Gemini the joker, the wit, can plan one thing whilst talking about another.

Jack of all trades Gemini, you learn to focus on the task in hand and not spread yourself too thin.

The ability to turn from slink and sexy to cool and aloof can lead to trouble and must be controlled.

The tendency to gossip and switch allegiances is another failing, but seen at its best this sign welcomes change and adapts to new situations with courage and vision.

You know how to enjoy yourself and make sure that others do too. Though perhaps not the best at keeping secrets where you really excel is at sorting out problems for people. You have a practical turn of mind that thrives on impossible tasks. Courageous and warm you are good to have around.

In love, your own sign of Gemini will provide the understanding you need, or fiery Sagittarius will prove more that a match for you. You will soon loose patience with a plodder and need someone who can provide an intelligent sounding board for your quicksilver mind.

In general terms you are lively and sociable and like to pit your wits against those around you. You like to be challenged and to keep many plates in the air at one time.

It may not surprise you to learn that the actress Joan Collins shares your sign… quick witted and charming, adaptable and multi-talented; Gemini you are a fascinating sign with many different sides to your character.