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Leo July 24th – August 23rd

xandra king's leo

Element: Leo is an fire sign...heated emotions, intuition, warmth, spontaneity and creativity.

Mode: Leo is a mutable sign showing the element in its least flexible and adaptable form.

Planetary ruler... The Sun, bringer of life and warmth and energy.

Leo is the bold warrior of the zodiac and you like to shoulder the responsibilities in life. Full of courage at your best, you can try to take over and roar your demands at people at your worst.

You like to be the centre of attention and a trophy partner is also on the cards. No one is in any doubt when you walk into a room. Flamboyant and self-assured you make a party go with a swing and can provide the impetus for new ventures and important challenges.

Your ruler the Sun strengthens your sense of self and allows you to express yourself with confidence and élan. Gold is your colour and you like to wear jewels too when you get the chance. You love the sun, warmth and all of life's comforts.

A creature of habit you may be hiding some insecurities beneath that confident sunny exterior.

You like to be in charge and you find mixing with people easy.

Friendly and loyal you make a great friend and a fearless defender of those you care about.

In love you are fiery and passionate and love to be in love. You excel at the romantic gesture... flowers, romantic dinners, special treats and surprises are your speciality.

You like to be admired, and want your partner to be admired too. As the centre of attraction you must take care not to let your partner be sidelined. There's no problem with your sex drive or with your love of the chase, which is tireless, but at the end of the day what you're really looking for is long-term commitment and marriage.