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Libra September 24th – October 23rd


Element: Libra is an air sign, concerned with the mind... thoughts, ideas, and intellect.

Mode: Libra is a cardinal sign Cardinal implies a condensing of all the qualities of a sign like the fine reduction of a sauce.

Planetary ruler... Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

Libra, the sign of balance or the sign of sitting on the fence?

Librans are so nice they see everyone's point of view, which makes it hard for them to come to a decision...

'What do you think?' Does that sound familiar?

People born under the sign of Libra possess a gentle charm and prefer to be part of a couple... someone to bounce those ideas off; someone to help them make up their mind.

Romance is essential and so Librans are prepared to go out of their way to reach a compromise- sometimes to the point where they lose the sight of what they want, and then fur can fly!

If you want to keep that man, Libra... don't keep asking him what he thinks!