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Pisces February 20th - March 20th


Element: Water... Pisces is a water sign... associated with inspiration, creativity and romance.

Mode: Pisces is a mutable sign which points to the element being varying, or adaptable.

Planetary ruler... Jolly Jupiter and Neptune, the planet of the ocean.

Drawn to the ocean and all things marine, Pisceans love wide open spaces. They enjoy leaving the boring detail of everyday life behind to escape into the world of the imagination. However deep concern for the world they live in attracts them to campaigns concerned with protecting the environment.

You are a deeply emotional sign and search for direction in life as well as in love. Once this direction is found you can achieve great things both in your career and in your relationships.

You are forgiving and avoid confrontation wherever possible. You would never knowingly hurt anyone though you live from moment to moment and may not be around when you're needed most.

You are sensitive to atmosphere and are easily hurt. Both a flirt and a romantic you fantasise about the perfect lover, which leaves you open to disappointment when reality bites.

You are in love with love and sometimes sex and love may become confused. Looking for unconditional and possibly unrealistic love, at their worst people born under this sign can be highly manipulative.

Pisces is known as the sign of addiction... this can be addiction to love, to duty, to family, or to something far more destructive.

Because you are an elusive sign, your ideal goal is constancy, marriage, or some other stable influence that will enable you to fulfil your potential in every way.