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Scorpio October 24th – November 22nd


Element: Water... Scorpio is a water sign... associated with the senses, intimacy and feelings

Mode: Scorpio is a fixed sign suggesting at the best, constancy, and at the worst, relentlessness.

Planetary ruler... Pluto, the planet of destiny and joint ruler Mars, the planet of sexuality and self-assertion.

The piercing eyes, the perceptive stare, the hidden depths... Cool composure and seething passions. An internal energy marks out this sign.

Power wielded unobtrusively, but remorselessly. An enquiring mind that will not rest until it knows how you tick.

Sphinx-like maybe, but still waters run deep... And beware, for a chatty, friendly Scorpio is inwardly as tough and determined as the inscrutable Scorpio.

Expect the truth, bluntly put. Cherish the compliment handed to you by this sign for Scorpio does not waste time on duplicity.

With potent sexual allure and a healthy sexual appetite Scorpio rules the reproductive system.

The dark mystery of Pluto creates a love of secrecy and there is inner strength to spare.

The power and determination to overcome, the ability to start again, to rebuild, to bloom where they are planted... This is the sign that rules the cycle of life and death; this is the sign of regeneration.

How to spot a Scorpio: the individual who says, 'I bet you can't guess what sign I am...'