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Taurus April 19th – May 19th


Element: Fire... Earth... Taurus is an earth sign... a lover of earthly pleasures full of determination that can show as any combination of stubbornness, loyalty, stability, or the unflinching will to succeed.

Mode: Taurus is a fixed sign, showing the element at its least changeable form, again pointing to stability or stubbornness.

Planetary ruler... Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

A typical Taurus likes to live a life that is risk-free, stable and safe. Therefore you must beware of becoming stuck in a rut and be prepared to take a considered risk now and then.

You do not like to be pushed into anything and will stand back and take your time before coming to a decision, but when you finally set your mind on a goal you will not stop until you reach it.

A lover of comfort and good food you must take care not to overindulge.

Slow to anger you can be formidable when roused. You are a tolerant and loyal friend, but should you be betrayed you will never forget the wrong done to you.

In general terms your placid outer self gives little clue to the passions burning inside you, but you are the most sensual sign of the zodiac and when attracted to someone you exude sexuality. You don't rush into love and enjoy the lead up, the foreplay, the hunt. You value your stability too much to take a leap into the dark, but when you do fall in love you must take care not to become possessive or controlling. There is also a danger that you cannot let go once a relationship is over.

A partner from your opposite sign of Scorpio can provide the fireworks you seek, as can your own sign of Taurus, along with Virgo and Capricorn.