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Virgo August 24th- September 23rd


Element: Virgo is an earth sign... associated with healing, practicality and organisation.

Mode: Virgo is a mutable sign showing the element at its most variable or adaptable.

Planetary ruler... Mercury, the winged messenger, the communicator.

With the highest standards in the zodiac Virgo can be accused of nitpicking, or be praised for attention to detail.

Methodical and ritualistic Virgo is tidy and particular.

When you identify a goal you are like a precision bomber; nothing is attempted before you have analysed all the risks involved.

At your worst you tend to find fault, but at your best you are able to search out the flaws in an argument or find the clue to solve the puzzle.

Take care not to be too critical and turn your analytical mind to helping others. It is no coincidence that Virgo is well represented in the caring professions.

You are trustworthy and true and make a loyal friend. You are happiest living in a home with clean lines and plenty of order.

Though sensible and practical you would derive benefit from giving time to your inner life through yoga or meditation, or simply chilling out to music.

Beware of emotional exhaustion brought on by bottling up your feelings.

As a lover your attention to detail is a bonus. You can be guilty of conditional love and again you would benefit from relaxing both physically and emotionally in order to get the most out of life.